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Newsletter September 2014

Hello everybody!
Good news, bad news, a tear and a smile, it's all here in this year's second newsletter about the Los Niños Foundation in Guatemala. Enjoy!

Spontaneous visit of the Dutch consul.
The Semilla de Esperanza y Amor Project doesn't only appeal to local kids, but to many visitors as well, as was clearly visible during the visit of Dutch consul Robert Vergoosen and company last April 8th. And he didn't come empty-handed: from his own business he brought the kids cheese, sausages and yogurt, so the event turned into quite a party!

Sad news, but with a bit of hope
On May 23rd, 11 year old Juan Carlos Chicop Flores, student of the Semilla de Esperanza y Amor Project went with his mom in the back of a pick-up truck to get some corn from a nearby field. Unfortunately the driver lost control over the brakes and the car rolled over several times. The mother died on impact while Juan Carlos was brought to the hospital with serious brain damage and little hope that he'd survive

But it wasn't his time yet.

Juan Carlos fought for his life and ten days later he woke up from his coma. The doctors couldn't belief his progress from there on.
When he was released from the hospital on June 12th, he still couldn't talk or walk, but thanks to intensive therapy and visits to several pediatricians, a neurologist and psychologist, Juan Carlos recovered almost completely in a matter of weeks.
At his home, the situation is less cheerful. Of course there's grief over the loss of the 32 year old mother and the fact that the father now has to take care of his six children, all under 13, by himself. And that while the family is one of the poorest in the community.

Fortunately, thanks to several donations, we've been able to help Juan Carlos and his family a bit, among other things by buying them a bed, medicine, cloths and shoes for the whole family and some much needed repairs in the humble home. But we're far from done. We'd love to receive some extra donations so we'll able to cover up the dirt floor with cement and stucco de mud walls to keep the cold out in the chilly rainy season.
Here a picture of Juan Carlos with Lys and her daughter Wendy who went to visit him in the hospital in Guatemala City every day.

Sport Festival, May 24th
Lots of color, loud music, about four hundred smiling faces and lots of movement, that basically sums up the 4th CasaSito Sport festival, sponsored by Los Niños.
Most participants, from very young to somewhere in their early twenties, belonged to one of the organizations that are being supported by Los Niños. That's why this day was such a colorful motley crew of young and old: children with psychological problems, deaf ones, disabled kids, rascals and wallflowers.
The event started with a marathon. Each organization had selected up to four runners, while the rest took it step slower in a parade complete with music and banners. Soon the first runner came back. Then the second, the rest... and the last one. But where were the rest of the kids? The parade had been planned to last no longer than an hour, but it was two hours later when they finally made it back, thanks to a wrong turn and an extra turn around the central park. Each kid received a banana and a drink before the event could officially start.
Divided by age and identified by different colors of shirts, the children participated in the many activities: sack race, rugby, zumba, football, rallies and many more. After a few hours of running around, playing, laughing and sweating, lunch was ready. Afterwards there was a presentation on a climbing wall and prizes for the best runners and teams. Finally it was time for all exhausted participants to take the bus back home.

CasaSito 10th Anniversary
On Sunday June 29th we celebrated in a special way the 10th anniversary of our sister organization CasaSito together with our scholarship students, board of directors and sponsors. We started out with a walk through the centre of Antigua to the CasaSito headquarters. Although not everybody involved could be there for the event, we did not forget all those people who have made possible the achievements from the last ten years. And of course there was cake for everybody. In this slideshow an impression of ten years CasaSito.

The monthly magazine Revue also dedicated an article to CasaSito which can be read here: Magazine "Revue"

12th Anniversary Asociación Bendición de Dios.
Time flies! It's unbelievable, but it has already been eleven years that Los Niños has collaborated with this project and five years already since we built, together with the Children Projects Guatemala Foundation, the school in Alotenango. In attached presentation you can see how this 12th anniversary was celebrated on July 14 and 15.
Presentation 12th Anniversary BdD.

Improvement Angelito's rehabilitation
It's great to see how Angelito, who during the publication of the last newsletter was still in a wheelchair, is now moving around with the help of a walker. At the school wooden railings have been installed alongside the walls, so Angelito can move around freely. He has also started to talk and we hope he'll be soon as mobile and talkative as the rest of the kids!

Thank you all for your support.

Ana-Maria Ackermans
Projectdirector Los Niños, Guatemala

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