Newsletter Los Niños September 2012  

This is already the 4th newsletter of 2012. There is a lot to tell again so sit back and enjoy.

Donation of football equipment.
During the 10 year anniversary in the Netherlands Los Niños got a big surprise. We were given football equipment for an entire team for the students at the high school in Chimachoy, including footballs. It was therefore a great day when we went to the village and surprised the students with the equipment. We asked them to put it on and it was hilarious to see how high they put their stockings so that we couldn´t see their bare legs. Of course there had to be a game played immediately. Within minutes we couldn´t see the uniforms were new because of all the dust that came up from playing in an area full of sand. The goals don´t have nets so they lost the new footballs quickly, which rolled down into the valley. So some kids in that village down there are very happy with their new balls. Fortunately the students were able to recover one. The students will be proud to play everywhere with their Los Niños uniforms, thanks to Richard and Gaby Baars, the donors of the equipment. Their friends, Marco and Elseliene van der Voort, of shoeshop Van der Voort in Voorschoten, were about enthusiastic about the gift and joined in to sponsor a large bag with the all the equipment and many extras. The football shirts were printed with the logo of Los Niños, free of charge by Jumble from Leidschendam. On behalf of the youth of Chimachoy: Muchas gracias.


Starting the construction of the house for the children of Miriam Dubon.
Exactly one year after the piece of land was bought in September 2011 we finally could start with the construction of the house for the children of Miriam. Last year the Mayor of Ciudad Vieja, where the house will be build, gave a a free building permit because he was impressed by the story behind it. A nice gesture, but unfortunately there were still many obstacles to be dealt with, which of course, all cost money. We hope we can continue building right now, with no more ´surprises´ and the children will be able to celebrate Christmas in the new House.


Bendición de Dios in Alotenango, the elementary school is 10 years old.


This was celebrated on Saturday July 14. The week before there were various activities. A girl was crowned ´Miss Bendici?n de Dios, a running contest was held and an afternoon with games for the children was organized. On the big day itself, there were a lot of parents and children who enjoyed the delicious snacks and the swinging music on the football field in Alotenango. It was an unforgettable day! The sun was shining and the view was beautiful with all the volcanoes around the field.  It was touching to see that so many children could play like children should do, not thinking about working in the field or taking care of their brothers or sisters. They enjoyed throwing frisbees, soccer and bag racing. 

The day ended with piñatas. The children didn´t know how quickly they could break the piñata to get all the sweets from the inside. But they scrambled quickly enough to gather up the candies! Director Julio Garcia said thanks to all the people and institutions that had helped him through these 10 years.

In the past 10 years the project has developed significantly, not only in size but also on pedagogical and didactical level. Right now 248 poor children are receiving a good education in a clean and big school where the teaching staff is giving them a solid base for a better future.


New treasurer joins the board of Los Niños.
Jon van Dijk joined the Board in Holland as Teasurer in July of 2012. He is married and has 4 daughters. He is a financial director at a big consumer protection agency and he´s also a board member of the Charity Foundation DELA Fund. Jon was born in Curaçao and his parents both worked as educators.
Los Niños is working in Central America and the projects they work on are focused on education for children. This is how he became interested in becoming a Board Member of Foundation Los Niños


Presentation of computerknowlkedge at Semilla de Esperanza y Amor.
On July 30, children from various groups presented, along with their computer teacher Jorge, their knowledge of the computer to their parents, mostly mothers, and interested organizations. The students prepared themselves all week long for this exciting presentation. We can say that their teacher taught them well and they are proficient in their use of the computers. The children showed off their talents and they were rewarded with a great applause at the finish of the presentation.




Hearing aid for  Yony Sajché Chavez.
Yony studies in the first year of the high school in Chimachoy and he is 17 years old. Every morning he milks the cows with his two brothers and after that he runs to school. In the afternoon, he works on the field and after that he does his homework. He is very disciplined in his studies and loves reading. He is also pleased that he is the keeper of the school team and proud of his new keepers outfit.
When he was a baby he never cried and when he was a little bit older his parents thought he would never had enough power to breathe so he probably would die. While eating he often got breathing problems and he had to be helped to be able to breathe again. His parents did everything they could to find out what was going on with Yony. They went to the Lion´s club (with a special eye-and ear clinic) and to the hospital, but they didn´t get help. The mother prayed a lot to God and she´s so grateful that finally, they were helped by an ENT doctor (Ear Nose Throat doctor).

The doctor found a serious infection in his throat and ear and treated him. The infection in the throat healed but the ear remained closed. The only remaining solution was a hearing aid. Thanks to the input of 200 euro by the parents and 440 euro by Los Niños, Yoni got a hearing aid early August. Yony is able to hear again! His mother came crying to Director Laura and said she didn´t know how to thank Los Niños. During this conversation Yoni passed by and was 20 feet away when he heard his name spoken. He discovers new words that he previously could not hear and asks his mother to explain what they mean. He realizes now that there is a lot of noise around him, something that he has never heard. He thinks that his classmates make a lot of noise. 

Protestant Community of Dinther.
An enthusiastic group of people from the Protestant community held their yearly market in May. We are so grateful to this group as they donate the proceeds of their market to Los Niños every year and their market is very successful. We really cannot thank them enough!

They also collect money during church services and with these donations we give additional support to many different projects. Ana-Maria has written a few times in their church journal and met the enthusiastic people after church services when she talked about Los Niños. Thanks again for your generous support




News about Guatemala

First Olympic medal ever for Guatemala.
"Winning silver is losing gold" That´s what they say in the United States. And the statement "getting involved is more important than winning" is perfect but there is no better feeling for your country than to win a medal and to put your country on the List of Winners. Erick Barrondo did this for Guatemala during speed walking.
And after his interview he said a golden line "it is known that Guatemala has problems with guns and knives," he said. "I hope this medal inspires young people in Guatemala to forget the weapons and knives and instead of that they get inspired by sports. If they do that, I am the happiest person in the world".

Popol Wuj cultural heritage in Guatemala.
According to a ministerial degree, published on the 27th of August, this year, in the State newspaper, the Popol Vuh in Guatemala was given the status of cultural heritage, due to it's historical, cultural, philosophical and spiritual value. The newspaper also reported that with the status as a Holy Book, the Popol Vuh gives great strength to our national identity. The status of cultural heritage has immediate effect. This means that the management of the cultural and natural heritage will be active in the protection and preservation of the Popol Vuh. The Popol Vuh is the Holy Book of the ancestors of the Mayans and offers a historical framework that provides the basis for the cosmovision, spirituality and identity of the indigenous peoples. The book is a collection of various legends of the Maya K'íche, that explain the origin of the world, society and of various phenomena that occur in nature
Source: Siglo XXI.

Eruption of the volcano Fuego.
The more than ten thousand evacuated people, living near the active volcano ´Fuego´ were allowed to go back to their homes last Friday night, the 14th of September. A spokesman of the ´Disaster Relief´ of Guatemala said the volcano is quiet again. The people were hastily evacuated last Thursday, the 13th of September by buses and trucks after a strong eruption of Fuego (fire volcano). Villages around the volcano were covered with a layer of ash. A spokesman from the fire department complained to journalists about the refusal of many people to leave their homes. It´s unknown if there were victims or if people died.

Volcan Fuego is located approximately 40 kilometres southwest of the capital, Guatemala City. From the city you could see large smoke clouds. More than 4 million people live in this area. In 2010 the capital was covered with a layer of ash after the eruption of the nearby volcano Pacaya. Guatemala is located on the so-called Ring of Fire, an area around the Pacific Ocean where many earthquakes and volcanic eruptions appear. Antigua and the surrounding areas in which we work were not affected at all. 


Thanks again for all your help.
Because of your generous support we can still give many children in Guatemala a better future.

Team Guatemala,
Christel en Ana-Maria