1st newsletter of 2012  

The year 2012 is already two months old. A very special year for the Mayas in Guatemala. They predict a greater overall awareness of the oneness of humanity. Also a very special year for Los Niños in which we celebrate the 10 years anniversary.

Donation from construction company Remmers.
The construction company Remmers in Tilburg, Holland began in October 1911 as a small carpentry who was started because Mr. Remmers had won a prize of 300 guilders in the Lottery. One hundred years later, it is an all round construction company where approximately 120 people work. It has always remained a family business. The 100 years anniversary was a huge celebration and the guests were asked to donate for charity. One of the chosen charities was Los Niños.

The president of Los Niños, Jan Jongerius, received a check of 6.000 Euros on December 21, 201. Thanks on behalf of the children in Guatemala to all the people who have donated!

Ex-volunteer Tessa became a proud mom.
After working 1,5 years in the carpentry shop in Alotenango, Tessa left in August 2011 and returned to the Netherlands where she gave birth on the 19th of November to her son Daan. Julio, the Guatemalan father, was present at birth and they are very happy with their child.

In the 3 months that Julio was in the Netherlands, he received daily Dutch classes and did his Dutch civic integration exam last month in Guatemala. Congratulations. Tessa has decided to build a future together with Julio in the Netherlands.

Los Niños thanks Tessa for her commitment to the carpentry workshop where she taught  kids, with a lot of patience and love, all about painting, working secure and many things .  


Venraynaar of the year 2011.
Out of the three remaining candidates the Los Niños ambassadors Alda Haegens and Jan Hendriks were elected of citizen of the year 2011.
A very well deserved title as they have done  a lot of work over the past years to get money for the education project Semilla de Esperanza y Amor.
We are therefore very proud of them. Last year they organized their first tour through Guatemala which was a great success. This year they are planning to travel around 2 times.

"Oliebollen" event for Los Niños
As in previous years, Ana-Maria Baars organized with family and friends a sale of ´oliebollen´, a typical delicious Dutch New Years snack (flour ball with raisins). Gaby Baars, the mother of the Guatemalan Ana-Maria stressed the importance of the action: "During our stay in Guatemala (July 2011) we have visited several educational projects of Los Niños and met with the relevant employees and volunteers. The projects, results and people have made a big impression on us and made us even more convinced of the importance of Los Niños ". The total amount raised was 1500 Euros. The auction was, among other things, made possible by the collaboration of bakery Frank Wesseling and Butcher Piet Scholten. Los Niños thanks everyone for the great success of this event. We could give 195 children of the school in Alotenango a mathematics textbook for the school year. 

Farewell Marjolijn Thissen       
Marjolijn became the face of the homeless after Jolanda Buets left to Peru.
She was found at least once a week in the kitchen of a building rented by the Catholic Church. The homeless there got a solid lunch and Marjolijn had the privilege to make the spicy chili that they loved. On Saturday afternoons she assisted the doctor who gave first aid to the homeless. They also organized the football matches between the volunteers and the homeless.
For Christmas they got a delicious chicken breast with vegetables and rice and as a dessert an apple and some Christmas cookies, donated by Los Niños. Marjolijn wanted to expand her horizons and decided to go back to the Netherlands and find a new destination.


Marjolijn, we speak also on behalf of all the homeless, thank you so much for your enthusiasm and loving commitment to the less fortunate. You can be very proud about what you have done!


School supplies in SEA
In the beginning of the year all the parents of the children of the afterschool program in San Mateo came to pick up their school supplies. The director Lys spoke seriously and explained the rules of the new school year and to handle well the supplies they got. A document was signed by everybody and all the kids left home with a happy face. Thanks to extra donations to Los Niños we could donate school supplies to 100 children An average school package costs 7 Euros.


New computer teacher in Semilla de Esperanza y Amor, San Mateo
Since January 2012 the project in San Mateo has a new computer teacher. His name is Jorge Ortiz, is 21 years old, an accountant who also is specialized in computer science. He is dedicated to his job and is very interactive with the kids. He teaches the kids how to use the computer in a very child friendly and creative way. The young kids start to learn all the aspects of the computer and the older grades learn more difficult stuff, real computer skills. The kids love him already. A born teacher!


Yearly meeting scholarship students CasaSito
On Sunday, January 22nd CasaSito held their annual scholarship students meeting. All the CasaSito scholars signed their contract. It was a beautiful day with a lot of people in the gorgeous cultural center Santo Tomás de Aquino in Antigua. A lot of students came from far away. Also all the donors were there, including Los Niños.

On one of the pictures are the 15 primary scholarship students who will receive a scholarship through EducArte in Ciudad Vieja. On the other picture 20 students who will also receive a scholarship thanks to Los Niños, 17 for Junior High and 3 for  High School. And on the last picture you can see all the scholarship students, 180 in total of all different donors, who will be guided through the year by the people of CasaSito. 


Opening school year El Plan Infinito
Late January we were invited to the opening of the new school year in El Plan Infinito where Chris van de Vijver from Belgium is the director. Luckily he had the assistance of a team of CasaSito including the Coordinator Jaime, from Puerto Rico, left on the photo, Miriam involved with the scholarships and after school classes and Oslan involved in sports activities and also after school classes. Chris gave a harp concert with a group of kids which was fantastic.
Chris spoke strict to the parents about the presence of the children during the various activities, such as swimming, music, computer and art class.


10-years anniversary will be celebrated on the 9th of March in Guatemala
Through the attached invitation we invited guests to the 10 years anniversary in Guatemala. We will celebrate this special day on Friday, March 9th with the 500 children and scholarship students who, thanks to Los Niños, can attend school.
Every project will perform and will prepare something for lunch. We will get drinks of the local supermarket for the kids, and a good Dutch friend promised us to bring some Dutch cheese! There will be time for games and lots of fun. It will be a pleasant afternoon.

Of course there will be also a big event in Holland because of the 10 years anniversary, to be hold on Sunday the 22nd of April. After that event you will here from us again.


New office address of Los Niños
In our last newsletter of 2011 we told you already of our moving to the office of CasaSito.
Below the address, if you want to visit us or sent us a nice postcard.
Asociación Los Niños
Volunteerhouse CasaSito
Calle de Candelaria 5A
La Antigua, Guatemala
Telephone office: (00502) 7832-0829 

Visit Chimachoy
On Monday the 27th of January we went with two little buses to the beautiful village Chimachoy where director Laura was waiting for us with her 91 students.

Almost all the volunteers of Los Niños went with us as well some friends of the foundation who are living in Antigua. We left a sunny Antigua and went to a windy and cold Chimachoy but by seeing the happy students there this didn´t matter anymore. We brought two new computers for them thanks to a generous donation. The children and teachers were very happy.

We saw some very nice performances of the students, got some nice words of the director and her teachers and as a surprise Angel, a last year graduated scholarship student of Los Niños came over because he heard we would be there. At the end he took the microphone and told Los Niños how grateful he was and still is. That he was a teacher right now because of Los Niños and he could not thank the foundation enough for this great chance he got for having a better future. On Saturdays he is studying pedagogy on the University. He will make it.


NGO network
On Saturday, February 18th Los Niños was part of a very nice event organized by NGO Network: NGO Showcase event. NGO Network wants to bring NGO´s together to talk about their foundation, associations, and their work experiences. They also give several workshops during the year about the NGO work where they invite many NGOs.

This year they organized the 1st NGO showcase and 18 projects were present. We talked with everybody about our jobs and we exchanged a lot of information. The carpentry of Alotenango was also present with beautiful products to show the people what they are doing. Several people were truly enthusiastic about the carpentry. The day included salsa dancing, break-dancing, a choir of 5 indigenous girls and some typical  snacks to buy. A nice day to repeat! A special thanks to Judy Sadlier from the Guatemala NGO Network

Gracias and thank you
To all you readers of our newsletter, thank you for your support in whatever way. We are more than happy to show you around in our different educational projects on arrival to Guatemala. Please feel welcome.

Team Guatemala
Christel Tinselboer and Ana-Maria Ackermans