Fall newsletter Los Niños Guatemala

Dear all,
This is already our third newsletter of 2011 of Los Niños.
Take a cup of coffee, tea or a refreshment and enjoy it.

The third Music festival 
For the third time CasaSito (our partner organization) organized the music festival. It was in the centre of Antigua and there were a lot of people. For the first time a group of deaf young people from the school ‘Las Voces de Silencio' (the voices of silence) participated and it was very touching. Many people were emotional to see this kids standing there with a lot of self esteem. Our ex-employee Virginie practiced almost for 2 months with the kids of Semilla de Esperanza y Amor from San Mateo a beautiful story about cutting the trees in the forest with songs and instruments made of recycled material.

And a lot of happiness we saw when these kids won the first price: a guitar and Q1000 (100 euro). With this money they went for a trip to the children's museum in Guatemala City.

"After the festival a little boy asked if they won 1 million because he saw so many zeros on the cheque".  


A day with healthy fruit for the kids in the project Bendición de Dios

Fruit is healthy! Rob and Marlous thought the same, two ex-volunteers, who were sponsored  by family and friends by walking 4 days in a row 50 km a day in Nijmegen, Holland. With this money the kids in Alotenango will have once a week a lunch with different kinds of fruit. In August Rob and Marlous were in the project to start with the first fruit day. The day started very early on the local fruit market in Antigua.

They bought 240 bananas, 10 papayas and 10 pineapples. After that they needed to cut all the fruit with not the best knifes of the kitchen so it was a hard job to do. Five people worked for one hour but after that they had many bowls of fruit for all the kids. The kids enjoyed it a lot. Thanks to all the efforts of Rob and Marlous!



Internship with bij Los Niños
Every year we receive a lot of volunteers who work for at least 2 months in one of our projects. They teach (reading and writing, English, sport etc.), help the kids with their homework and they organize festivals for sport, art en music. We also have students from universities who do their internship here in Guatemala.

This year we received students from Belgium from the study North-South. They investigated the differences between Europe and Central-America. They visited families, taught the kids in the school and they lived with Guatemalan families to experience the Guatemalan culture even more. During their internship they had a local Dutch coach, Christel Tinselboer, who worked as a teacher herself and lives in Guatemala almost 10 years. She helps the students with their essay, is doing observations and gives them feedback were needed. An experience for life!


Toothbrush clinic for the homeless kids in Antigua
Together with the Foundation Por Eso and Los Niños, the homeless kids of Antigua got a very nice theatre show about how to brush the teeth. Three clowns were entertaining them : Flor, Lola and Pipo. Pipo didn't know how to brush so he started to brush his forehead and was brushing his shoes but Flor taught him everything while the kids were watching and learning too. 

At the end the kids got a big piece of watermelon and a nice toothbrush with toothpaste. 


Dutch ambassador Jan-Jaap van de Velde came to visit us
The 27th of September the Dutch ambassador Jan-Jaap van de Velde visited the primary school Bendición de Dios and the carpentry in Alotenango We explained him everything about the foundation: our mission, vision and all the different projects we help. And our dreams for the future.

He was impressed and he didn't go home with empty hands because he got a very nice handmade wooden keychain shaped as the map of Guatemala to bring home from the carpentry!


Vegetable garden of Semilla de Esperanza y Amor in San Mateo
The project Semilla de Esperanza y Amor in San Mateo has their own little vegetable garden next to the school. The kids can learn how to work together and to take responsibility for what they plant: corn, carrots, beans etc.

Every vegetable has its own space marked with sticks of bamboo. When the vegetables are ready they use them for their lunch in the project. This garden gives the children also a relaxing feeling and after working with their hands in the soil they can concentrate better and make their homework good.

We hope this garden will grow and will stay there for a long time


Progress dream fund Miriam
Lots of people supported us by donating money for the dream fund of Miriam so we already could buy a piece of land for the children of Miriam Dubon, who died in March this year.

On the picture you can see the 3 oldest children in the office of the lawyer to sign the property papers of the land. In the next newsletter we will let you know more.



End of school year Bendición de Dios
The 21st of October the children celebrated the last day of the school year. All the kids passed and that's  was wonderful. But it was very special for the nursery kids because next year they will go to the ‘big' and ‘real' school. They will learn how to read and write!!! They were all dressed well and with a lot of pride they were standing on the stage to show their diploma. After the celebration they got a nice lunch and than it was time to go home! A beautiful day with a lot of happy faces!



Els van Rossen is saying goodbye to the boardof Los Niños
After Els visited Guatemala with two friends in 2005, she decided to become the volunteer coordinator for Los Niños. For years she motivated a lot of people to go to Guatemala.
In 2008 she became a member of the board. And after several years being active for the foundation she is now saying goodbye.

Els, thanks a lot for all the effort you did for Los Niños.. 


Colora festival in Eindhoven, Holland
At the end of September there was a colorful festival in Eindhoven. Ana-Maria was also there. Los Niños was present with selling products from Guatemala. We shared a place with a group of enthusiastic Guatemalan people who are living in Holland.

One of them is a ‘ Coffee Bartender ‘ (=Barista), a very professional and trained man who knows how to make coffee in many different ways and he showed his talent there. 



Security Council of the United Nations
Guatemala will be together with Pakistan, Marokko, Togo and Azerbeidzjan part of the Security Council of the United Nations in 2012 and 2013. There are 5 members with veto: US, Russia, China, Great Brittan and France.

Celebration of Los Niños in 2012
We will celebrate the 10 years of Los Niños in Tilburg on the 22nd of April 2011 in Holland. It will be a very special day.. Everybody is welcome from 11.00 until 18.00 o'clock. Also you!

In the beginning of 2012 we will let you know everything about the special program of that day.

Thanks for all the support!
We want to thank you all for the great support we get from you. This gives us the power and spirit to continue and we hope you will not forget us in 2012.

Muchisimas Gracias.

Team Guatemala
Christel en Ana-Maria