In Memoriam

Miriam Elizabeth Dubon Marroquin

This letter is the most difficult newsletter I have ever written.

With a lot of sadness I have to tell you that Miriam Dubon, mother of 5 kids and grandmother of 2 grandchildren, was hit by a schoolbus last Tuesday, the 8th of March, at 13.30 o´clock. That day she left my house to have lunch with her kids. Her daughter Maritza called here to ask if she was already on her way home because she cooked for her mother. This was the last phonecall she received and the last goodbye I said to her.

The last 5 weeks she was every day in my house to nurse a friend of mine, Arlaine, who broke both her hands and needed help for that. The health center in Alotenango, where Miriam was working, agreed with the fact that she could work for a while with my friend.

Every day she came with a smile, like the on the picture, and loved to work for Arlaine. She told her daughter Maritza she had never been so happy before. She learned a lot of new things, like a different way of cooking. We always ate with the three of us and we talked a lot about life and her dreams. It was very special to have her so close to me. Everyday we said goodbye with a big hug and the words ‘ Ik hou van jou' ("I love you" in Dutch). Also that last day, Tuesday the 8th of March, so that were the last words from me to her.

Saying goodbye.
The 10th of March Miriam passed away of the effects of a brain haemorrhage. It was terrible to see the children with so many tears and sadness. I am very proud of Maritza, the eldest, so strong and taking the role as a mother towards her brothers and sister. She arranged the whole funeral, which takes place here in 24 hours after death. This strength she had is definitely from Miriam.

On Friday the 11th we brought Miriam with a lot of family and friends to the cemetery in Antigua. Virginie translated the beautifull text below in Spanish to read for me to say goodbye to Miriam.

"Dear Miriam,

Too early you passed away. Why? You, a fantastic and hardworking mother with a lot of dreams, which you wanted to make true couldn't realise this becaus of an awful accident. Your motivation and energy for other people and of course your inspiration for your kids will always be an example for us and your kids.

Miriam I will always remind your kids with what kind of strenght you were living. Know that they are in good hands with a lot of people and they can count on me.

Dear Miriam, I love you!"

The dream of Miriam.
We have to continue, as sad as it is, with this big loss. Miriam had two dreams: becoming a nurse and buying her own small house where she could live with all her kids. In memory of Miriam I hope you can help us to make this dream come true. Los Niños will contribute with financial help so the kids can go to school and they can continue with a normal daily life.

We want to create ‘Miriams' DreamFund' and hope we will get your support.

Stichting Los Niños, Rabobank Tilburg, SWIFT/BIC RABONL2U 
IBAN NL94 RABO 0166820709, subject: "Miriam´s dream".

Lots of thanks to my dear colleagues Virginie and Christel who give me the time to be sad and help me a lot in this difficult situation. Also thanks to all my dear family and friends who have compassion for me. This is giving me strength to be there for the kids. They will need me for sure in future.

I appreciate the fact that I met Miriam and that she became a very inspired woman for me. She was my friend and sister and the most discreet woman I have ever met. I am going to miss her a lot.

Rest in peace, dear Miriam.


Briefly which chances family Dubon got through Los Niños in 2002
I met Miriam in 2001 in the childproject Safe Passage where children, from parents who work on the garbage dump, got education. Every day she served all the kids a healthy lunch. All her five kids were going to school through this project. Safe Passage was her rescue because her husband left her and the kids for another woman. Miriam had to work hard to pay a place to live and to have enough food for her kids. She was one of not so many around the garbage dump who had finished two years of highschool. She knew that education would give you a better future. That's why she stimulated her kids always to study. Her dream was to be in nurse but there was only money for food so no study for her.

From the first moment I met her I was impressed of this special woman with so many strength, militancy, dignity and tenacity but paticularly her simplicity. Taking care of others made her happy. Los Niños decided to ‘adopt' this family, who really wanted to fight for getting a sucessfull future. This was in November 2002.

For a couple of years Miriam was working, as a very rated colleague, in the health center of Alotenango as a nurse. The oldest two, Maritza (23) and Jonathan (21), finished their studies and both are working in a restaurant in Antigua. Maritza has two sons of 3 and 1 year(s) old. Gaby (18) is studying in the 2nd year of a 4 years study householding. Brayan (15) is studying in highschool (3rd year) and wants to be a brainsurgeon in future. The little one, Erick (12) is in his last year of primary school and he wants to be a vet.