First newsletter of 2011

We hope that this year will be as successful as all our past years  and that Los Niños can continue to benefit many people in Guatemala! We are so grateful to everyone who supported us this year and hopefully, you will give us a helping hand in the future.

Sponsordinner December 2010
On the 8th of December Los Niños gave a Sponsordiner.   80 guests attended! It was held in a very unique place, ‘De Rooi Pannen' in Tilburg.  The entire evening was organized by students of ‘Horeca'. Ana-Maria spoke of all our projects; we sold a lot of very special arts and crafts from Guatemala and were able to buy 6 computers which we will distribute among several of our projects.It was a great dinner and hopefully, we can do it again in the near future.

Christmas activities for Los Niños
Many people sold Guatemalan arts and crafts in the Christmas markets. Our friend Roos did a very special thing! She was a Live Statue in the Christmas tour in Berkel-Enschot. It was a very cold night but she stood there for Los Niños. Well done, Roos!

Christel of the primary school Bernardus, in the picture with her friend Sandra (on the left side), is also participating in the ‘Do-group'. She made Christmas cards with pictures of children and then she sold them. For the beautiful results look here. Sandra also sold a lot of Guatemalan arts & crafts in her birth town in Twente, in Holland. Even her family made Christmas flowers with Guatemalan decorations in them. The amount of money was amazing. 

To everybody who contributed in any way to Los Niños this last year, THANKS AGAIN!



New staff member for our team in Guatemala
Our staff member Virginie Roussel is leaving us this year, in July, because she's going back to Belgium. For that reason we were looking for somebody else and we found her; her name is Christel Tinselboer. Virginie will train her so she knows everything about Los Niños. Christel will also do the coordination of the volunteers. Her e-mail Christel wants to introduce herself :

A new face in the Los Niños team in Antigua.

This year I can call myself a new member of a very great team called Los Niños in Antigua, Guatemala.

In 2002 I discovered the country of the ‘endless spring', Guatemala. I was here for 3 months and I fell in love with the country and the people and after that I volunteered for six years in several projects. In 2004 I worked in Alotenango as a teacher with Los Niños. I noticed that I could be very helpful to the teachers and students My wish to return soon became very strong.
I also came back because I met a very nice Guatemalan man. After a lot of years traveling back and forward we decided to live in Guatemala and now we have a beautiful family with two sons.

My work experiences are focused on education. I teached special needs students in primary schools, I am a remedial teacher and teach theater and Spanish and much more. So for me, it wasn't that difficult to know what I would do in Guatemala when I returned. The first year, 2009, I worked as an English teacher in an international school and I was teaching Dutch in a language centre. After that, in 2010, I was asked to set up a Montessori school in Antigua. I did that and worked there a year and now I will use all my experiences to improve the work of Los Niños.

For everybody who wants to change the world a little bit, read the next story:

A scientist is working in his office and thinking about how to improve the world. Then his daughter enters the room. ‘I want to play', she says, but the man answers that he has no time for her, so she has to let him work. "Because I heal the world", says the man. The daughter goes away but after a while she's back. "Let me help you, so you can heal the world quicker'", she says.

The man is looking for a solution. He finds a magazine with a beautiful map of the world, rips it into little pieces and gives this to his daughter. "Here you are, try to fix the world". He hopes this takes forever because his daughter is so small and doesn't know the map of the world. But after 15 minutes his daughter is back with the map perfect glued. ‘ Ready!'
"How did you do that?", asked the man. ‘"Easy!" said the girl. "When you ripped the map I saw, on the back, a picture of a human being. When I couldn't fix the world I started first with the human being. Then I turned the paper over and I saw I had also fixed the world."

"I am a part of a fantastic organization, which improves many things for Guatemalan communities, We can all change the world a little bit. That's why Los Niños is a challenge for me and I do my best, 100% and more, to help with our goals for the future." 

Christel Tinselboer

Opening The Educational Center Semilla de Esperanza y Amor
After hard work and a long time we opened the doors, of our new Center on Wednesday, the 19th of January. Over 100 people from Guatemala and other countries were there and they were very impressed with the beautifully constructed space, full of light and air. We want to give a lot of compliments to the architect Knut Jauer, who had a difficult job of designing and constructing our Center on a very steep lot. We wish Lys Flores and her team good luck! You can see some pictures of this great day.

You can see some pictures of this great here. There is also a little movie available.

One of our guests wrote this to us after the opening:
"Yesterdays dedication of the Semilla de Esperanza y Amor School in San Mateo, besides being a joyous event, well planned and executed, was a shining example of successful synergies among NGOs, working together with government and activists within communities to create a benefit for the people of Guatemala. You have already received many congratulations but I would like to add mine! SO VERY IMPRESSIVE! Love to all, Judy"

Computerclassroom Semilla de Esperanza y Amor
Thanks to the organization Join!forKids, Rotary Steenbergen and guests of the sponsor dinner the Center got 15 new computers.
The computer teacher, Carlos from Antigua, will teach the kids 2 days a week about how to use a computer. Every Saturday he will teach the parents of the kids.


Personnel primaryschool Alotenango
The new school year started on the 17th of January and everybody, kids and teachers, has a lot of energy for this coming year. There are 3 new teachers, part of the team of 5 ,to teach 223 kids this year.

Opening El Plan Infinito in Santiago Zamora
A new education center, ‘The Infinite Plan' was opened officially on the 30th of January. This building was also constructed by architect Knut Jauer. The director of the project, Chris van de Vijver, from Belgium, began this idea. He supported, almost alone, the entire center. Los Niños donated the very last part so the building could be ready at time. Los Niños will be sponsoring the afternoon and evening programs. If you are curious about this project click here to see some pictures. You can also watch a little movie about it.

Project Luz y Vida (Light and Live) in Chocantariy
In 2006 Los Niños paid to build a bakery for a group of women in a little village, named Chocantariy. It's about 5 hours from Antigua. After one year, another organization built a second floor for a day-care. The contact person of this village is Franxisco Xiloj, who's keeping in contact with all the organizations who support them.

Only a few people of Chocantariy speak Spanish, their language is Quiché.
Our partner organization, CasaSito helped Francisco to start his own foundation ‘Luz y Vida'. In the school, 1st to 4th grade, there are 70 kids and 30 kids are going to the day-care. Los Niños supported Francisco for 2011 with one salary for one teacher.
More info, check their website:


Marlous Hoitink new member of the board in Holland
On the 1st of January Marlous became a member of the board. She will coordinate the ‘Do-Group'. She takes the job of Maaike Dijkmans, who was five years member of the board. Maaike, thanks a lot for your enthusiasm and energy. Marlous introduces herself to you : 

I, Marlous Hoitink-Janssen (1980), live in Breda. Since September 2010, I have been studying to be a teacher. I worked six years in the marketing and communication world but finally my dream to become a teacher will come true so I can work with kids and be useful to the community. The idea of being a teacher was always in my mind but after my volunteer job in 2009/2010, I knew it for sure.
In April 2009 I went with Rob, my husband, to Guatemala for 6 months and after that 4 months Ecuador, Colombia and Argentina. In Guatemala I learned Spanish and I worked as a volunteer for Los Niños. On the 1st of January I will accept my position as a member of the board and I will be an active member of the ‘Do-Group'. 


10 year Anniversary of Los Niños in 2012
It seems far away but it's closer than we think! On the 22nd of April 2012, we will celebrate the 10 year anniversary in the Insurance company Interpolis in Tilburg in Holland.
If you want to help with the organization of this day, you can contact Marlous Hoitink, email: