Extra newsletter : State of emergency in Guatemala

Deadly Tropical Storm hits Guatemala

The government of Guatemala has declared a state of emergency after the country has been hit by the tropical storm Agatha last weekend and the eruption of volcano Pacaya a week ago. Today the immense damage throughout the country is evident. 156 people have died and there are still at least a 100 people missing. 75.000 people sought refuge at so called shelters (‘albergues'), schools and churches. Another 75.000 people have lost their means of making a living. The immediate need for support in terms of food, clothing, medicine and other basic necessities must be stressed

The heavy rains over the weekend led to the eventual mudslides and landslides with riversoverflowing their banks. The departments in the south and the western highlands
were hardest hit. The city of Antigua didn't
suffer any major damage, but just 5 km from Antigua a big part of the village San Miguel Escobar (Ciudad Vieja) has been covered in mud. many people lost their lives here, 30 are still missing. Many families lost their homes and/or all of their belongings to the mud, thick and filthy with all kinds of waste. Hundreds of communities in Guatemala have met with the same fate. Many roads and bridges were destroyed. Today there are still a number of communities isolated. The level of solidarity of people helping each other has been great. With government help being slow to reach the people, the help of neighbors, churches, local groups of volunteers and small NGO's on the spot has been priceless.

Los Niños Projects.
We contacted the directors of the local projects supported by us immediately to find out how badly their communities were hit.

Julio Cesar Garcia of the project in Alotenango has given us a report of the damage in the village. 12 families that participate in the education project have lost all of their belongings. One family lost their house, another family their store. Alongside Bendición de Dios we will help these families to get back on their feet.

Lys Flores reported that the village of San Mateo Milpas Altas was not hard hit. The houses of 3 families in the education project were damaged. We will help them with repairs.

Laura Back from Chimachoy reported that the crop fields have been badly damaged, but there was no loss of lives or homes. (Throughout the country a great part of the crops has been lost).

As mentioned above, hardest hit near Antigua is the community of San Miguel Escobar.

Julio Cesar Garcia, Director of the school Bendición de Dios in Alotenango, has organized a lot of help and went to San Miguel with the Junior high students to show solidarity and help the people clearing out the houses and streets. Los Niños would like to help at least 20 families in San Miguel Escobar to get back on their feet.

Hardest hit by nature disasters like this are the poorest people of Guatemala. We want to help these people in any way we can.!

In order to help the affected people extra financial support for this is much appreciated!
We will make sure that the donations go to the people who are in need. 
You can send
donations from outside Holland directly to Foundation Los Niños

In Holland: 
Stichting Los Niños, Tilburg, IBAN: NL94 RABO 0166820709,BIC/SWIFT: RABONL2U

Direct your donation to "the emergency fund Guatemala".

Thank you very much..

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