Newsletter June 2010

The second newsletter of 2010 lies before you with news from Guatemala.

Mateo Alexander is born.
On April 21st Virginie became a mom to a healthy, beautiful baby boy named Mateo Alexander. He was born at home here in Guatemala and everything went smoothly. A whole new period in the life of Virginie and her husband Evert is starting now. They are super proud of their little monkey (for 9 months they called the baby "little monkey"). A picture of Virginie when she was 8 months pregnant and the first pictures of motherhood with Mateo are below.

Virginie will be on maternity leave until September and when she returns she will work part-time. If you would like to congratulate her, you can send an email to




Building the educational center at San Mateo has started.
On April 13th the construction of the educational center for  Semilla de Esperanza y Amor in San Mateo started. The Canadian architect, Mr. Knut, has drawn the plans for the center for free just like he did for the school in Alotenango! The contractor's daughter, who is still quite young, is also an architect. Mr. Knut sees a lot of potential in her and is teaching her all the ins and outs of this profession during the construction of this project.

Here is a quote from Lys Flores, a very proud director of  Esperanza y Amor:  "I often go and have a look at the project and see how beautiful it is going to be.  I would like to congratulate everyone who has contributed to making this possible. I am sure that there is not another more beautiful building in the world than this one.  And do you know why? Because the most precious children are here, and I feel extremely happy that I am able to give and help.  I want to say thank you to everybody who is helping me in whtever way."



Benefit concert for the construction of the educational center.
On May 15, Jan and Alda organized a charity concert in Venray (The Netherlands). A number of famous bands from Venray performed in "De Witte Hoeve" which is a huge party center. Alda and Jan were dressed for the occasion in their Mayan outfits. They also gave a presentation about San Mateo which made a big impression on the guests. The location was well attended, the atmosphere was very nice and everyone was had a great time. In the end, 2500 euro was raised. The local paper and Venray TV dropped by and made a nice report about the event which will be broadcasted in the area. Alda and Jan are still very dedicated and will continue to raise money. For example just in Venray the following events will take place:

On June 5th "the day of the tip"; on June 17th  a charity cooking workshop; and on July 3rd they will be present at "world day". Los Niños is proud of people like Alda and Jan who have put so much energy into fundraising for the San Mateo Education Center. Our compliments!




Jonatan Dubon is going to the Unites States.
Jonatan has been working for 2 ½ years in a restaurant called "Bistrot 5" in Antigua. The owner of this restaurant, from the United States, has been very pleased with Jonatan's performance.  As a result, he has offered to sponsor him I the United States for nine months at a beautiful resort where he will learn about management of a hotel/restaurant. This is a wonderful opportunity that Jonatan has gratefully accepted. Who would have thought that this would become the outcome of Los Niños rescuing a mother and her 5 children from a dumpsite in Guatemala City.



Foundation T.E.S.S. Unlimited

Tessa de Goede lives in Guatemala and through her foundation she is helping malnourished children and obtaining surgeries for children who are born with cleft pallets. This is still a very common birth defect in Guatemala.

Los Niños wanted to help her out and donated the money toward surgery for a little 4 month old baby named Prisclin. Besides the complicated cleft pallet, this baby has, three middle fingers of his left hand grown together, and he has infected testicles. He is currently in Hermano Pedro hospital in Antigua where Tessa is visits him every day. In her hands, Prisclin is well taken care off.
If you want to know more about Tessa's work please visit her website:


Family program in Alotenango.
On May 11th the family program in Alotenango was completed. For the past 8 weeks, eight families participated in the program. All families received a certificate of completion. Now every month the coaches of the program will visit these families to monitor their progress. Gloria, mother of 6 children (see picture) came to all the meetings and brought her youngest child,  Josué, along.  He and other small children where taken care off during the sessions by volunteers of  Los Niños. The coaches of the program where very satisfied with the result of this pilot project and would like to start another course with 20 families in July.


Marlous en Rob married.
In our September 2009 newsletter we reported that Rob, one of our full time teachers in Alotenango, asked Marlous to marry him. He kept his promise.  They have returned from their trip around the world and got married on Easter Saturday, April 3rd. You can see how happy they are jumping on the trampoline.


Volunteers wanted.
Currently we have a small number of new volunteers signed on.  We believe the number is low not only because of the world-wide economic crisis, but because Guatemala is perceived as dangerous. We want everyone that the risk of danger is minimal in comparison to the rewards received from volunteer work at Los Ninos,  The projects of  Los Niños and the versatility of Guatemala are welcoming you with open arms. For more information, please contact Lisette Rikkers, coordinator for the volunteers in The Netherlands :

Muchas Gracias.
We would again like to thank everyone who is helping us realize our important work in Guatemala. Many children have been able to go to primary and secondary school because of your service and generosity. Without your support, we could not accomplish our mission, because..... 

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"
(Nelson Mandela).