Newsletter July 2009

Dear All,

This time an intermediate newsletter which is mainly dedicated to the opening of the new educational centre Guate Niños Melanjoco in Alotenango and the festivities around the opening.

But first some things worth knowing:Logo Los Ninos

Logo Los Niños
The opening of the new school is a great opportunity to present the new logo of Los Niños. Besides the photo banner we now also have a logo. The logo symbolizes that the bigger hand helps the smaller one and visa versa.

New domainname Los Niños
For many foreigners it is rather difficult to pronounce "Stichting Los Niños". Therefore we have adjusted the domain name of Foundation Los Niños. We would like to ask you to make the adjustments in your address book accordingly:

e-mail address :
website :
e-mail address volunteers :
e-mail address activities group:
e-mail address office





Esteban Torres
Esteban Torres
On a recent Saturday the backpack of Esteban Torres, a 16 year old student of the scholarship program of Los Niños, got stolen. The backpack contained 4 exercise notebooks and a technical calculator. The Monday thereafter he needed to participate in the intermediate examinations and would of course need his calculator to do so. Drowned in tears his mother called us to tell us that he would not be able to take his exams because he did not have a calculator anymore. As the family does not have any money to buy a new one, the mother asked us if we could help out. This was of course a no-brainer and we immediately bought him a new calculator.


Fathers day in Chimachoy
On Wednesday 17th June we drove with a bus load full of people to Chimachoy to celebrate Fathers day together with the students of the Telesecudaria. All students made a kind of certificate with dried flowers and plants for their fathers. One by one the students thanked their fathers for giving them the opportunity to get an education. It was heart warming.

And boy did it become clear that the rainy season has started!! The whole morning it was raining cats and dogs. The road turned into a river and we could not head back at the scheduled time due to this heavy rain.


 Chimachoy 2 Chimachoy 1 Chimachoy 3

Crus Lopez
Music teacher Chimachoy
Since a few months Chimachoy has a music teacher, Cruz Lopez Lopez. On Tuesday mornings he teaches music from 7.30 till 12:30 to 3 different classes. He is a very passionate teacher and last Saturday June 21st, he got married.




Hipolito en SuzanSuzan of the carpentry project finally found her carpenter.
Suzan Eleveld, who runs the carpentry project with a lot of enthusiasm, is very pleased that she finally found her right-hand man, Hipólito. He is 30 years old, is married and has 2 children in the ages of 2 and 5. When he was 13 years old he was trained as a mechanic. He can handle all the machinery and knows all the ins and outs of carpentry. A real asset to the program. Even when Suzan is not there he can keep things afloat. They are both looking forward to the renovation of the carpentry's workshop coming November which will create much more space thus allowing the project to run on a much higher level by 2010. The salary of Hipólito will be paid by Los Niños.


Ellen LipsNew secretary Los Niños
We are very happy to introduce to you the new secretary of Los Niños, Ellen Lips-Reijn. Ellen is married and has 3 children. Frederique, one of her daughters worked for Los Niños in Guatemala a couple of years ago. Ellen was a lawyer for about 20 years and now she writes short stories and travel stories. In addition to being a secretary for Los Niños she is also chairman of the Foundation OHM, advisor Red Cross, department Humanitarian Law of War.

An important task of Ellen will be to send out letter of gratitude to the donors.

Painting the new school
Many fathers and mothers responded to the request to come and help to paint the classrooms of the new school. Every day around 16:30 a group of parents came to help out usually accompanied by their children. A heart warming scene. They are all so happy that their children are given the opportunity to get an education in this beautiful school, that they are more than willing to contribute. An older man mentioned that he would love to learn English and work on the computer in this great school. Who knows what the future will bring.

Schilderen 1 Schilderen Schilderen 2

Purchasing goods for new schoolAdela en Filipa
Together with the lovely ladies Adele Cul and Filipa Cojolon, who on a daily basis make sure that the children receive a healthy snack, Ana-Maria went to the market to buy new pots and pans, spoons, aprons and much more. What a joy. 

Nieuwe pannenThe ladies were allowed to point out what they wanted while Ana-Maria was allowed to pay for it all. 

They spend about 3 times their month's salary and as smart buyers would do they asked the salesman to give each of them an umbrella for free as seño Ana-Maria spend so much money. And of course they got an umbrella. Normally these women never set foot outside Alotenango and therefore this trip was turned into a real party ending with a lunch at Pollo Campero (the Guatemalan equivalent of McDonald's).


15th July opening of the "Centro Educativo Guate Niños Melanjoco"
Only one more week to go and then the school will be officially opened with a big party where we expect that around 1000 children and their parents will participate. On the 1st July the children could finally set foot in the new school. Almost one and a half year they saw how the school was being build and now finally it is ready. After the opening we will report about all the reactions of the children and of course we will also deliver a report about the party. The invitations as shown below have been send to many invitees. The drawing in the background has been made by one of the students.



Big children's party on 19th July in The Netherlands
Of course we also want to ensure that there is a party in The Netherlands as well. That is why we invite everyone (with or without children) to celebrate the opening of the new beautiful school in Guatemala which allows the poorest children in Alotenango to receive a good education. A group of (ex) volunteers worked very hard to make this a very special day.

We will no longer keep you in suspense and therefore already show you one picture of the new educational centre Guate Niños Melanjoco. After the official opening we will share many more.

De nieuwe school



Thank you
Our gratitude cannot be expressed in words. We received so many generous donations which allowed us to fulfil many wishes.

The children of Alotenango, the teacher's staff and the team Guatemala of Los Niños, Virginie and Ana-Maria, want to say: Muchas Gracias!!