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Newsletter April 2008

It is spring time. The days are getting longer and sunnier.
As we only have nice things to report, we hope that this newsletter we will bring some sun in your lives as well.

Carnaval in Guatemala
That this party is not only celebrated in The Netherlands becomes very clear in this picture.
With 40 volunteers we travelled to the capital to have the time of our lives. It was a great party and everyone had lots of fun so next year we will be there again!!

Visit president of Los Niños, 11th till 21st February
During a period of two weeks the president of Los Niños, Jan Jongerius visited together with his wife Agnes, all the projects in Guatemala. Every project was discussed thoroughly in light of the policy plan, the budget and the long term perspective. We would like to thank Jan for his effort and his good suggestions. To ensure a strong and tight connection between the board and the team in Guatemala, it has been decided that once per year a member of the board will visit the team and the projects in Guatemala.

Signing the cooperation agreement with the projects in Alotenango and Chimachoy
To ensure a solid cooperation with our main partner organisations, now and in the future, cooperation agreements have been signed which cover topics like, long term cooperation, grants and the use of buildings and areas. Julio, the director of Bendición de Dios will be able to count on the continuous support for the whole programme of the primary school, the secondary school and the class where children of the public schools come to get help with their homework. In Chimachoy everything is running as expected for Laura de Back, director of the school. This year the build of the 4th classroom, which will be used for computer training, will start.

Special Valentines Days at Los Niños in Guatemala
About 2 months ago on the 14th February, the first stone was placed to symbolize the start of the build of the new school in Alotenango. The president of Los Niños was given the honour to add the cement. Together with the director Julio, they placed the first stone. This stone will, once the actual build starts, be placed at the front side of the new school. A lot of gratitude goes out to Jochem Jonkers (volunteer for Los Niños), who designed this beautiful stone.

Building the new school in Alotenango
The kick-off has taken place.
After placing the first symbolic stone we effectively started the construction activities. First of all, the land was measured and the peeping hols in the wall where closed. Building a storage room for all the material was the next step. Finally the huge stone (which could not be removed) was, with the help of a machine, turned up side down in a well to enable the necessary construction activities. Very soon the digging activities will start. Hereby some facts and figures:
- The complete school will be made of 33.000 building blocks
- The total area of the school will measure 800 m2
- The total costs of the school are budgeted on 150.000 euro
- One constructor will receive 70 euro per week (1 week = 44 hours)
- The supervisor, and many employees, come from Alotenango

Opening school in Tzamchaj
At the 11th March the primary school in Tzamchaj was opened. This is the village where we provided aid in 2005 to 28 families after hurricane Stan. At their request and also thanks to donations to Los Niños, we have been able to build part of the school. If you look at the big sound installation you can imagine that the opening was very loud. The fact that there was running water again was also celebrated and for that reason the faucets were also decorated. It is wonderful that the children in this distant area can go to school now and start their future.

Talented volunteers
That our volunteers possess creative talents shows from these pictures. Lisette and Els painted all the walls, tables and chairs for the new classroom of the little ones and Cynthia made some beautiful drawings on the walls. Anneloe and Simone made a handy measuring rod and measured and weighed all children. In the carpentry Rose and Jochem made some very practical containers and designed material. For the Conalfa group Karen made a fun game to get these children to speak up while being in a group.

Out on the road with ex-guerrilla warrior Tino.
During a whole weekend, 12 volunteers of Los Niños joined Tino, a ex-guerrilla warrior who is currently in charge of the radio station "Mujb`ab`l yol". This radio station mainly communicates with the Maya population about subjects link human rights, freedom of speech and child abuse. To learn more about the radio station please visit or write an email to What can you expect from a weekend with an ex-guerrilla warrior. A short report. "It was not as cold as expected in the crater which is filled with water, also known as Lago Chicabal, near Quetzaltenango. Actually more impressive was the mystic atmosphere of segments of fog around us. But the most impressive were the stories of Tino. He told us about his past, the tragic death of his father and the very tough struggle against the militaries. Now and than we put some new logs of wood on the fire and listened with the utmost attention. Meanwhile a nice diner was preparing itself while hanging above the fire. After diner, still impressed by everything we heard and experienced, we all went to our tents to get some sleep. Tino slept under a pieces of plastic, the real life of guerrillas.

A baby was born!
In may 2007 our Dutch friend Erik, married Alma Zamora, director of the Spanish school Zamora, in Antigua. We are very happy to inform you that on Tuesday 25th March, Erik and Alma's daughter was born. Her name is Miranda Isabella and she is a healthy and beautiful baby girl.

News for our website
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Team Guatemala
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